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francesyeo_movingI’m moving! Well, sort of. After much thought I’ve finally decided to move blog hosts. Some may say it might be a downgrade but it’s really just a matter of preference. I’m moving to a blog host which lets easily lets me completely customize how my blog looks, which I’ve wanted to do for so long. I’m sad to leave this place because I’ve already been here for quite a while but we must move on *drama sigh*

If you’re following me through http://www.francesyeo.com┬áthen you have no problems since I’ve re-pointed my domain to the new blog host and you should be directed there instead of here. If you’re following me through wordpress follow then please follow me through my domain instead. You can just add my domain “www.francesyeo.com” in your “Blogs I Follow” list.

See you guys there!